In this part of Portugal you need some phrases as many people have no English at all. Although children are taught it at school, many of the older people will speak French or just Portuguese.

The Portuguese are a very welcoming and friendly people and will always greet you.

Bom dia            (bon deeya)                      Good Morning
Boa tarde         (bwa tar-day)                   Good Afternoon/early evening
Boa noite          (bwa noy-t)                      Good evening (later)/night
Ola                       (oh-la)                                Hello
Como esta?       (com-esh-ta)                   How are you?
Tudo bem          (toodoh bay)                  Fine/all is well
(this is also used as a question 'How are you?' 'All is well?' reply with same)

Ate logo              (tay loag)                       Until later
Ate amanha       (tay amanyah)            Until tomorrow (or just 'amanha')
Adeus                  (a-day-oosh)                Goodbye

Meio de leite    (may-o de lay-t)         White coffee
Cerveja               (ser-vaysh-ah)            Beer
Vinho                  (veen-yoo)                   Wine
Tinto                    (teen-too)                     Red wine
Branco                (bran-coo)                    White

Frango                 (fran-goo)                    Chicken
Peixe                    (paysh)                          Fish
Peru                      (pay-roo)                     Turkey
Novilho               (no-veel-yoo)             Beef
Salmao                 (sal-mao)                      Salmon

A conta                (a contah)                     the bill
Se faz favor         (say fash fav or)        please
Obrigado/da      (ob-ree-gar-doo/dah) thank you (male/female)

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